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Bijgewerkt op: 14 nov. 2019

Thrifting is a bit of an art, but if you have a good eye for detail, you're already halfway there. In the beginning, it's not always that easy to decide whether your thrift find is a total gem or more like a pepple. If this description fits you 100%, it seems like all the stars have aligned for you! Goodbye, awkward Googling and/or texting your friends in the changing rooms. Hello, iPhone-approved thrift find check list!


If you're just getting into thrifting or are at times overwhelmed by choice, I got your back. Based on my thrifting for beginners blog right here, I made a few check-lists to make thrifting a little easier for you. Save it to your phone's camera roll and whenever you're in doubt about a thrift find, let it help you with your choice

Yoooou're welcome! /Moana reference

My 'Thrift it or leave it?' check-list is available in four cute colors: yellow, blue, green and pink. Choose your fav and happy thrifting!

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