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I’m Raya Scheers, I'm 28 and based in Belgium. Nice to meet you!

I'm quite possibly the embodiment of Bilbo Baggins screaming, full of excitement, "I'm going on an adventure!" while running out of the Shire. 

My boyfriend and I are converting a Fiat Ducato van into a camper at this moment. It's quite trial-and-error, but we're loving every moment of this journey. 

I graduated from my evening school course Digital Marketing in 2018. Right now, I work full-time in SEO and Programmatic Advertising for a large shoe retailer. 

On this lifestyle blog, I write about the smalls joys of life and everything I find hygge. 


Obsessed with thrifting ✰ national park walks ✰ reading ✰ puppy videos ✰ do-it-yourself projects ✰ coffee ✰ spending quality-time with everyone I adore ✰ museum hopping ✰ scented candles ✰ Harry Potter ✰ watching YouTube videos and vlogs ✰ analog photography ✰ Netflix ✰ road trips ✰ enjoying a good bath ✰ Julia Michaels, Lizzo, Mabel and other girl boss music ✰

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