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how to make faux ceramic vases

Ever since my mom and sister gifted me this ah-mazing dried flowers bouquet for my birthday, I have been searching far and wide for the perfect vase. Quite succesfully I might add but, of course, all my favorites cost some serious $$$ - bummer. That's why I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. Oh, this faux ceramic DIY stole my heart instantly.

WHAT YOU NEED: a vase, acrylic paint, baking soda, a mixing bowl, a paint brush, optional: a palette knife

Start with cleaning the surfaces of your vase. Use a cleaning spray that degreases and gets rid of all traces of dirt and bacteria. Your paint will affix better to your vase this way.

Paint a base layer in your desired color on the vase, but leave the baking soda out of it. Give it enough time to fully dry. This is important: if your base layer isn't dry enough yet, the next layer of paint can shift and there's just no way back from that.

Next, mix baking soda with your paint of choice. I used acrylic paint from Royal Talent (the Amsterdam Standard Series) and a house-brand baking soda. I'd start with a 50-50 ratio and see how grainy you'd like the result to be. I ended up using ⅔rds baking soda and ⅓rds paint.

TIP: paint the top part inside the vase as well for smaller and/or less full bouquets

Start painting! Use a bigger brush and paint in long, horizontal strokes for that deluxe look.

Let the paint dry before use!


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