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Write it down in your agenda, babes: AW20 marks the renaissance of the vintage monogrammed bags. Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Guess, Louis Vuitton, all the brands are reviving this late 90s ✰ early 00s classic. Every cool girl on Instagram is head over heels in love with this it-bag and with good reason. A monogrammed bag spices up every and any look.

My faves are the monogrammed baguette and saddle bags.

And of course, I thought: I could thrift this.

In the thrift shops I did find some vintage treasures in the bags section but, alas, no luck with a monogrammed bag in good condition. So, I turned to online second-hand platforms.

On the app Vinted I found 2 absolutely gorgeous Guess bags. For these two, I paid €10, excluding shipping. Both bags are in very good condition, they just needed a little Monica Geller-type of love, and they were like new again.

I love their sizes, the logo pattern and the soft fall/winter colors. Merci, Caro from France: you the real MVP.

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